2m x 2m Plug In Copper Firefly Wire Curtain Lights, 400 Warm White LEDs


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  • 20 strings of delicate copper wire lights.
  • 2m (H) x 2m (W)

Easy to handle, the 20 separate light strings are made from delicate, yet strong, malleable copper wire, which can be twisted, turned and manipulated any way you choose, or can simply be kept straight for a classic look, it’s up to you!

The copper wires are connected together across 2m of transparent cable, with 20 warm white LEDs on each string for a soft and gentle glow, cascading down the curtain light and out into the surrounding area.

With a generous 3m transparent lead cable, this wire light gives you great flexibility when deciding where to set up your stunning and stylish whimsical feature.